Case Study

Alexsi Beauty
Facebook ads

The Challenge

Alexsi (Now known as Nova) is an innovative Skincare and cosmetics brand based in Israel. They spend time innovating and developing products with the highest standards and performance. Their passion for quality is reflected in their customer’s satisfaction, some of their products are also used by high profile influencers in Israel. The goal was to help Alexsi fully utilized their paid media channel, in this case, Facebook ads. I worked closely with the owner, to help the company reach new audiences and take them on a path of both discovery and loyalty.


Facebook ads, Consultation, Ad creatives, campaign structuring





Brand Showcase

The Strategy

This project began with an account audit. The company had previously engaged in paid media, it was my job to look into their account and identify what worked, what almost worked, and what didn’t work. This later proved useful when it came time to planning out the creatives and structuring the campaigns. Since Alexsi relied mainly on organic traffic, their analytics buzzed with useful user data, that allowed us to recognize user behavior, and the type of audience more  likely to convert. For any paid advertising campaign to successful and simple to manage, one has to start by simplifying its campaign structure, in this case, the structure was as follows: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. Not only was it my job to retarget previous customers, but also to find new ones as well and take them on a journey of both discovery and royalty.

The above structure was the way to do so. Stage 1, awareness, the goal was to show our ads to people who were more likely to pay attention to them, to achieve this, I made use of broad interests and broad LLAs. The creatives had a job of been memorable not necessarily to sell. For this, I created the “your face is a work of artwork, use the right brushes” campaign, which achieved an estimated ad recall lift of 10,700 people. Stage 2 Consideration, we retargeted the audiences from stage 1, intending to send them directly to the sales page. Stage 3 was the Conversion stage, the ads here were a direct command to act on the offer we presented, this led to a series of Remarketing campaigns in different forms. The Retention stage was aimed at making customers who already purchase, learn more about the brand and other products it offers

Effects of Campaign, results.

Video Views
Average ROAS
Purchase Value (in Shekels)
Website Visits

The Result

This project was a build-up to the brand having one of its best months. The campaigns brought us new data to study and a more expanded audience of people who are likely to convert. 


It’s unrealistic to think that your target audience will take a bite of your product at first glance, some might, but this is super rare. To be successful with paid media, you have to think “multi-steps and multiple touchpoints”. You have to structure your campaigns in a way that allows you to guide your potential customers from Discovery to Loyalty. Therefore make use of broad audiences especially when it comes to Facebook ads, this gives you more room to test different touchpoints.

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