Case Study

BHR UK Beauty co.

The Challenge

BHR is a Skincare company with a mission to provide the best solutions to help men and women across Europe, obtain better-looking skin. Their main product is the bestselling Vacuum Suction tool, that has over 800 users across 6 countries. The goal here was to design a site that looked aesthetically pleasing and converted as well. Because of the intense competition in the marketplace, they wanted to also stand out, by communicating trust.


Web design and Development, Copy writing, E commerce.


London, United Kingdom



The Strategy

During the strategy session, I decided to take a look at other similar brands in the marketplace, I quickly realized how generic and spammy they all looked, each of them saying the same thing. It didn’t take long for me to know that in order to make this work, we had to be seen as the experts, the most trustworthy option for potential customers.

To this do, the copy on the site will have to clearly define the pain point we were trying to address. We have to let each visitor know that we understood what they are going through, and once we did this, we presented our solution, The all in Vacuum suction tool. The main landing page was to be well structured, removing anything that did not aid in converting the viewer.



600   700   Oblique





Color Pallette





The Result

This project resulted in a well-designed eCommerce website currently converting at 4%. The copy was tweaked a couple of times based on user interactions. One of the things I greatly emphasize is making changes based on user data.

The site has a great deal of consistency, from the colors to the typography. This consistency aided in potential customers understanding how the product worked. The pages were also brought to life with a few and subtle animations and scroll effects.


This project is a perfect example of the results you can obtain once you put a little more effort than your competitors. Your site then becomes a breath of fresh air and by having copy that is straight forward, you can quickly address the questions every potential customer have in their minds, “what is it you do? how do you do it? and will it solve my problem?”

With new products coming soon, BHR plans on continuing this project. Right now they are focusing on creating content that will help in terms of SEO.

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