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The name’s Wealth M. Jr and I help passionate brands and organizations stand out in this age of digital noise, through communicative design practices and scalable marketing campaigns that are integrated into the right tech.

Take your online presence from meh to whoa! Take your online presence from meh to whoa!

Take your online presence from meh to whoa! Take your online presence from meh to whoa! Take your online presence from meh to whoa!

some of my

Recent Works

Alexsi (Nova)

Facebook ads, Consultation, Ad creatives.

Christ Alone Co.

Brand Strategy, Ecommerce Web design

FW Lead Gen Campaign

Facebook ads, Lead Generation.

BHR Beauty Co.

Web design, development AND copy

Shodj Photobooth

Web design, development and copy

Currently Serving the following

DTC Ecommerce Brands

Are you a DTC brand that needs to make sure your store creates a connection with your ideal audience as well as compel them to take your intended action? I help brands increase their revenue by communicating everything great about their products through design, digital ads, and messaging that is direct.

Digital Agencies in Need of a Partner

Bringing your clients the best results is what drives your business, that's why you are constantly on the lookout for skill sets that will compliment yours. From CRO optimization to web development and Ad campaign structuring, I help drive growth to the brands you manage

Personal Brands

Building a personal brand that resonates with your target audience is not easy, you have to be able to communicate your expertise in a manner that makes you makes you unique. This is where design and message interweave. I help give your brand a unique and consistent personality so that you can reach the right people.

Brands wanting custom Web Solutions

Are templates and themes not working great for you? Can't seem to find an on-shelf solution that fits your site's goal? I've built a team of developers who are ready to adjust or build out custom solutions to aid your business goals, from WordPress plugins to Shopify themes.


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