How to Create Sales Pages that are better at selling

Compare to a typical homepage or website, Landing pages are designed to be goal-oriented and tailored to your targeted audience. They are there to convey a single message without any distractions with every element on the page designed, hopefully, to convert visitors into customers. This is why every business should be sending traffic to a landing page and not just their main site. While there are different types of landing pages, in this post, we will be focusing mainly on Sales pages, how you can take advantage of them to sell more profitably. A long-form sales page is an easy way to layout the solution that your product or service provides, however, many businesses and even marketers can’t seem to structure their pages for success.

Here are 15 easy steps to help you out:

1. Summon them in

Start off by letting know that they are in the right place. Readers care about their time and always want to know whether or not the content that they are about to read will be relevant to them. Here are a couple of examples

  • If you were address photographers, you can say something like “Calling out all photographers that want to….”
  • If You were targeting pregnant mums, “Are you a pregnant mum in your 30’s
  • “Do you hate having to make your own breakfast this blender makes it easier”

The more specific you are, the better. Before running your ads or building out your page, you should already have an idea of who your target audience is and their main pain point in relation to your product or service. This part of the process should go in your header or hero section.

2. Shock them and hook them.

Now that they know they are in the right place, it’s essential t to get their attention and their interest within the first 3 seconds and this is a great way to do this. The goal here is to make a claim so bold that they would want to read even further, Check out my case study of BHR. You shouldn’t however have a claim that is untruthful, you want to highlight the biggest pain point your product or service is solving. Here are a couple of examples

  • Finally, You Can Eat All The Ice Cream You Want And Not Feel Guilty About It
  • You can have a full workout at home with a gym that fits in your bag

3. Back up your shocking headline

This is basically a sub-line that provides more detail and proof of your ability to deliver. You have their attention, your claim is certainly intriguing but what else does your product or service have that is different from the rest of your competitors who are also fighting for your audience’s attention. Here are a couple of simple examples

  • 3-time awarding-winning dance studio based in Dallas
  • Our Protein shake is made up of 100% organic ingredients
  • Our Software is used by 3000 designers in over 30 countries

4. Show them you understand the problem

This part is very crucial, everyone likes knowing that they are understood, this presents an opportunity for you to ask your potential customers questions only a person who has walked in their shoes would dare to ask. You can say something in the lines of “are you doing X over and over and expecting different results?” Here is an example “Do you feel guilty every time you buy ice cream for your kids because you know how unhealthy they are?” If the problem your product or service is trying to solve is a problem you experienced personally, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there by sharing your struggles. This is a great way to build a bond with the reader. This is also a great way, to show why your product or your service is better suited to help your reader. Show them you understand the problem, show them your expertise.

5. Provide the solution

Let them know that you have solved (problem) by developing (solution). In a simple paragraph or two, educate them on the idea behind your solution. Why is it better to have berries in your protein shake than apples (am just spitballing here but I hope you get the idea) If your service offers a unique approach, explain why your approach is better and the principle behind it. You must also remember to include a Buy Now button (call to action) after this.

6. Reiterate their pain points

Example: “You’re not alone, we understand that as a mum, the health of your children matters, you want them to grow up healthy and strong, that’s why you spend so much time in the grocery store, reading the label of every product. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to get busy in the kitchen, you’re a mum, it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world…” The main idea here to bring up real-life struggles they currently face without your solution.

7. Show them the simplicity of your solution.

If you are selling a physical product this would be a good time to show them how the product works

Make use of a good product demo video. If you are selling a service, layout your process

8. Establish credibility.

Example: “we’ve sold 1000 of x with a 4-star rating” or”We have helped 80 homeowners improve their kitchen ” Toot your horn if your product is as good as you say it is, then show them the results and include a call to action after this.

9. Overwhelm them with benefits

Create a list, bullet form, focused solely on the benefits and advantages of your product, or service.

10. Social proof

Testimonials, reviews (text and videos) screenshots of positive comments. Here’s the thing, your customers will always write better copy than you because nothing sells a product or service more than seeing what others think about it.

11. Make your offer and Justify the Investment

I know you have put your call to action buttons in some of the sections but this section is reserved for making an official pitch and then justify the investment. Show them the amount of savings involved by showing them the:

  • Total Value
  • Promotional Price
  • Total Savings

You can also make your offer irresistible by adding a bonus. Example: “The first 10 buyers will receive X for free! a $500 Value” You can see in the above example that next to the order button I have a sentence that says “the machine is literally worth 10 cups of coffee” This is called Justifying the investment. This helps to eliminate any lingering money issue your potential customer might have. You are merely quantifying the investment within the reader’s current budget. You should have done comprehensive market research before building out your page, by doing so you will have more relatable Justifications e.g “this full-body workout device is worth a 2 months fee of your gym membership”

12. Add scarcity.

Sometimes people don’t act because they think they have all the time in the world to make the decision, show them this is not true and that your offer isn’t going to last forever, but please make your timers and time offers realistic. Example: “this OFFER expired in the next 2 days” or “We have 2387 in stock right now and these go fast”

13. Remove the risk completely.

Prove that you believe in your product or service by adding a money-back guarantee, easy returns. I know this is risky but you shouldn’t promote a product or service you don’t believe in anyway.

14. Command them to act

Phew, I promise we are almost done. But here’s the good news, You! my friend, have succeeded in making them read thus far, it’s now time to command then to act, at the same time warning them against inaction

15. Don’t forget to Proofread your work

So there you have it, please note that this process might be different for every product or service, nevertheless, it should help you in structuring your sales page to sell more.

Good Luck!

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