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The Challenge

Kyle, the founder of Financial Wolves, has had the privilege of starting several blogs, scaled, and sold them for over 6 figures in a span of one year. Pretty impressive if you ask me! With such success, he wanted to teach others how to do the same or at least learn how to start a successful side hustle online. To do this, he will need to build an audience of interested people and by this, I mean ”build a list.” His blog, which receives thousands of visitors was already generating some opt-ins for the pre-launch of his course, but Kyle wanted this process to be fueled through paid media; and that’s where I come in.


Facebook ads, Lead Generation, Landing page creation


Wyoming, United States.



Campaign Overview

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Paid Leads
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Value Per Lead

The Strategy

One of the reasons why Kyle’s blogs were worth 6 figures was because they had an engaging email base that was generated organically. His subscribers became active readers, adding to the worth of his blogs. Most bloggers struggle with this, so what better lead magnet to have than one that shows them step by step how to build their blog’s email tribe organically. Kyle created a 4-day free course that would walk users on how to create content that generated opt-ins. This lead magnet was attractive because it solved a real problem!

This campaign was created in a brand new ad account and a new pixel. Initially, the goal was to test as many audiences as possible and get some pixel activity. We also tested a couple of creatives to find out what variation worked and what didn’t. Once we had some data to offer a sense of direction, we combined the winning adsets into single campaigns; we also combined audiences to help reduce our CPL and escape the learning phase faster.

The Result

The campaigns initially started off with a significant high cost per lead, around $6-7 dollars, but as we gained more data and existed the learning phase we managed to get the adsets to attain an average cost per lead of $2.5 – $4.6. We ended up attracting high-quality leads from the following countries, USA, CANADA, THE UK, AND AUSTRALIA. a majority of the leads were women with ages ranging from 35-55. We also received positive feedback from the email course.  We also got tons of video views, around 13k videos which will come in handy when building future LLAs.


Building a list is an important part of any digital endeavor. Not a lot of things are as powerful as owning your audience. You have the opportunity to engage them with your content, build a relationship, and sell your product; for as long as they remain subscribed. Put in the effort to build your list both paid and organic. It’s an asset that adds so much worth to your digital brand.

This project is currently ongoing; this case study outlined the initial phase (list building) of the overall campaign which is the official course launch and making it evergreen (automated) 

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