Introducing manysell for WooCommerce

the prettiest way to offer irresistible quantity discounts your customers will love

Increase Your store’s revenue by allowing customers to purchase multiple items through dynamic discounts, price rules & interactions

Money Making features

Well designed features that enable you to create targeted offers based on your specified conditions including never before seen front end interactions.

Quantity Discount

Set quantity breaks and allow customers to save big when they purchase multiple items.

Cart Total Discounts

Set discounts based on how many items are added to cart. For example, "add 4 more items to save 40% off. " This encourages active shopping.

User based Discounts

Decide who gets to partake in the discounts you create. For example, you can decide to have only your email subscribers see the discounts and quantity breaks

Multiple Front Display options

Never before seen on WordPress or Woocommerce. Say goodbye to ugly tables and start converting more with our various display options.

Set Time Limit

It is Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve? Set the start and end dates of your discount campaigns.

Set Custom Notices

Set custom promo messages and discount labels. This makes it easier to highlight to your customer, how much they are saving hence increase brand loyalty

Fixed Price or Pecentage

Manysell offers 2 discount types, Percentage, and Fixed Price. The % type deducts a certain % of the product price or cart total while Fixed price will reduce a fixed amount.

Set Restrictions

You have full control over the number of times a customer can take advantage of a discount. This can be based on the type of customer or Visitor or the type of products.

Why I created manysell

Hi, Wealth here (yep that’s my actual name). I happen to be a brand developer & Digital marketer who has had the privilege of working with different brands, from startups to 7 figure brands, especially in the eCommerce industry. I’m always looking for ways to better serve my clients, and since I own a couple of Ecom stores, I not only see some of my client’s issues but experience them myself. One of the issues I found was stores, especially stores that use Woocommerce, having low AOV (Average Order Values). This is mainly due to the use of tools that are not user friendly or unengaging on the customer’s end. Seeing this, I decided to put a team together to try and remedy this, focusing mainly on the essentials and engaging features on the customer’s end.

Here’s a question, What is the easiest way to increase your AOV? By asking customers to buy more of what they are already buying. This is the main aim of Manysell, we want to make the asking process engaging and intriguing to your customers. We are currently adding more features, like analytics and offer recommendations, so this is the perfect time to try Manysell Risk-free. Yes, that’s right, if you don’t see the need for Manysell after 14 days of using it, send me a text or email and I refund you ASAP.

3 steps to More Revenue

this is how it works

Product List

Decide which products you want your discount rule to be applied to. Include or exclude products, categories, etc. You can create multiple product lists, there is no limit. Each List should have different discount rules applied to them. For example, a list containing just your hats collection can have a maximum offer of $20 off, whiles another category can have a different offer or discount type. It’s up to you.

Discount Rule

This is where you get to play around with the different modules. Set discount based on Product Quantity, Product Price, Cart Total amount, or items. You can choose the discount type, set conditions, create users roles, set a time and end day etc.

Frontend Display

We’ve replaced the traditional price table with a more dynamic, interactive front display. Currently progress bar and slider range. You can create custom dynamic messages, create your notice, and discount labels. You change the colors of this display as well.

a well designed admin experience


More features coming soon


Want to see what offers are converting and to whom they are converting? You will be able to have all the data to help you create better offers

Custom Sale TAGS

Create custom sales tags for different products or different categories. Be able to add custom backgrounds and graphics

Pop Up Add to Cart

Increase your customer's experience by offering your users a clear overview of the products they have added to cart, their savings, and products with similar discounts

Build Your Bundle

This simply a page, your customers can go to drag and drop products with similar discounts and have big. This will be a game-changer for Woocommerce


Take Advantage of our Pre-launch/Discount Sale. The Plugin will be released on the 1st December 2020

All purchases are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee

single site

one Year License
$ 47
  • Single Site License
  • One Year Updates
  • Email & Text Support
  • Facebook Group
  • Upcoming Features
  • Money-Back Gaurantee
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5 sites

One Year License
$ 97
  • 5 Sites License
  • One Year Updates
  • Email & Text Support
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  • upcoming features
  • Money-back gaurantee
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The release date is the 1st of December. On this date, you will be sent a license key and installation guide.

Yes, right now we are focused mainly on Woocommerce.

Yes, Manysell is compatible with most woocommerce themes. If your theme gives any errors, send me an email [email protected] for either a refund or a ifx

 You don’t need to create a discount for each product unless they are all different. You can create a list of products, select categories, etc

Right now No. We have tons of new features coming up as a result the value of the plugin will increase.

Yes, Manysell supports with Elementor Page Builder

No, but we honestly believe manysell is a plugin that will pay for itself when used right.

If you don’t see the benefit of manysell within 14 days of use, send me an email [email protected] for a full refund

 email [email protected] for a response within 12 hours

What are you waiting for?

Say goodbye to complicated discount plugins that come with ugly price tables