Case Study

ShoDJ Photo booth

The Challenge

Sho DJ is an award-winning, highly professional DJ & Photo Booth company based in Virginia and multiple D.C. areas. With well over a decade of experience, Sho DJ specializes in public and private functions as well as special occasions such as corporate functions, weddings, school events. It was no doubt that their services are top-notch, however, this wasn’t reflected on their old site. The challenge here was to create a site that showcased their premium services, brand personality, and uniqueness.


Web design and Development, Copy writing, Booking Intergration.


Virginia, United States



Old Site

The Strategy

This redesign project started with a strategy session that analyzed the current problems the old site was facing. Despite been a one-page site, it lacked several things, one of which was design consistency. This made it hard for potential customers to understand what their services were. Once this was fixed I also had to make sure that the contents of the page were attractive enough to be consume. The fact that the site was a one-pager made it difficult from Shodj to fully express some of their premium services and what they offered. To combat this, we had to extend the navigation, whiles been consistent in design.

You can see from the above image, how plain the site looked plus the poor use of imagery. Shodj is a brand that promises to turn events into wonderful memories, however potential customers did not get this idea when they landed on the site. Shodj had to highlight their offerings memorably, we wanted potential customers to land on the site and already see the fun-filled memories they will be getting by booking Shodj. Good thing Mark, the owner, had great images. It was my job to pick the best ones that communicated the feeling of “Having a good time”. We made it easy for people to visualize their events just as fun.



600   700   Oblique

Josefin Sans




Color Pallette






The Result

This project resulted in a well-designed website that represented the brand’s personality of fun and its goal of creating memorable events. We understood what the objectives, potential customers, had on their minds and we addressed those objectives with a straight forward copy.

Compared to the old site,  even with the extended navigation, the current one has a great deal of consistency, from the colors, copy to the typography. Now potential customers can have an experience even before booking. A memorable site for a company that promises memorable events


How do you want visitors to “feel” once they land on your site? This is one of the first rules of “communicative design”. Do you offer a premium service? then your website needs to show this. Do you know what your potential customers want? Then use wonderful headlines to answer their objectives. You might have the best copy on your site, but it is structured in a way that makes it desirable to consume? If not then fix it.

These are just some of the things you should keep in mind when designing or redesigning your site or brand. Shodj is one of the best there is and if you are currently looking for a way to spice up your next event, then I suggest you check them out. Right now they are focusing on creating content that will help in terms of SEO.

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