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why it should be CONVERSIONS over BEAUTY in 2020

Elementor is probably one of the best things to ever happened to WordPress. It has changed the way users go about designing and launching websites. its features have given designers the privilege to express their design skills in ways that seem limited on WordPress. As a web designer, I absolutely love them. However, what is the main goal of every business owner, brand or personality out there? To drive more conversions and influence their site visitors to take their intended action. Design is about solving problems and visually communicating the message a business, organization or brand has to share. If designers can use design to aid in this, then they will increase site conversions, because, in the end, that’s what truly matters.

here’s what you’re getting

Another ecom sales pages templates

Not only are is this sales page beautifully designed, but it is also modeled after a landing page that is proven to work. Having this means you can be even more confident that you are driving traffic to a page that is focused not only on brand/product awareness but conversions as well. if you run a single product store, is would be great as a homepage as well

2. a copy guider page

When it comes to creating conversion-focused landing pages, one cannot deny the importance of having great persuasive copy. You can have the best-designed landing page, but if it doesn’t inspire your visitors to take your desired action then such a page is useless.
This Guide/template will help understand the science behind persuasive copy, and how to go about structuring your content to keep your visitors engaged. It’s not aimed at making you a master of copywriting, but whether you are a designer or just a business owner, having the basic knowledge of how great site copy works will help you in the long run

3. advertorial page

This is something that has helped my business personally. Most of the time sending traffic directly to your sales page or landing page will prove to be ineffective. Sometimes you have to add an extra step to the buying process using articles and reviews. This helps convince your prospects even more because some buyers need as much information as possible to make a buying decision. 

You can create a news/blog site and have this template in place, driving traffic from there to your main sales page. This is also great if you’re looking to get into native ads


One mistake I often see designers and business owners make when creating landing pages for their Pay-per-click campaigns is how busy those pages can get. You should always focus on being as brief as possible and straight to the point while answering the most important questions. I could go and on about this, but basically, I created these page to force you to focus on the essentials


Want your visitors to try your product out before committing to a purchase? Sometimes you have to make them start with a small commitment first before making a big one.

This strategy might not work for every business, but when used correctly you can launch your brand in a massive way

you can start right now in 2020

These templates are meant to be plug and plays

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